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The time line of each wedding is different and once we have established how much time we have to plan the wedding, you will be presented with planning stages and dates allocated for successful progression of your wedding.

Wedding planning is comprised of specific activities which need to happen in a specific sequence to ensure effectiveness of the time we have available whilst making the journey enjoyable and stress free.

Our online wedding planning portal will keep you up to date with all wedding plans, due tasks and it will store all contracts, invoices and notes related to your wedding plans ensuring that not even the smallest detail is missed.

During our face to face consultations we will discuss ideas, trends and unique ways we can take your wedding to the next level.

What do we do for you
  • selecting and managing a wedding venue
  • selecting the necessary technical equipment and modeling of the wedding space
  • creating wedding flow at the wedding venue (suitable arrangement of the stage and the ceremony area, welcome and lounge zones, banquet tables, activities and zones for technical equipment)
  • selecting the best wedding services and executives
  • ordering performing artists and providing them with everything from the technical and common rider
  • giving technical tasks to all business partners, performing artists and restaurant's staff
  • arrange outdoor and indoor ceremonies
  • rain plan
  • developing the wedding scenario
  • arranging the guests' transfer and accommodation
  • planning the wedding day timing
  • planning and discussing the menu
  • estimating and adjusting the event budget
  • controlling the process
Our speciality is weddings and events, from decadent bouquets to the large scale installations that make your wedding truly unforgettable. Eve works closely with her couples to offer a bespoke service no matter how intimate or how grand your plans are. Her attention to detail ensures every floral and decor moment throughout your day is spectacular. Eve aims to reflect your personal style as a couple, ensuring that all styling elements come together to reflect a well thought-out design.

It's all about details
the development of the wedding conception and style, the development of the image of the couple according to the style of their wedding, the development of the dress-code for the guests, the work with the best Moscow and international decorators and florists,
• the decor sketches, the search and selection of the furniture for the wedding banquet and lounge zones,
the production of personal invitations and the wedding website, the selection the lyrics for invitations and all print materials, the selection, purchase and production of the wedding accessories, the development of the graphic design for the wedding typography, the development of the wedding cake and desserts design, the development of the dress-code for wedding staff and performing artists.
Event production is the technical and creative execution of an event using furniture, sound, lighting, staging and coordinating the set up of all physical elements that form part of the wedding design.

An event producer will work to identify the concept of the event, and subsequently plan the logistics and technical components, including vendors, crew, audio-visuals, and all rental equipment required against the time factor available to execute an event. Depending on the complexity of the wedding, we manage between 15 – 200 subcontractors.

Our production schedules are carefully compiled using our experience and ongoing consultations with all suppliers ensuring we have the best plan of action possible and all tasks are completed on time.Project managers will oversee all activities related to setting up your event and they will be on site throughout the build up to troubleshoot ad ensure all timeframes are observed and all areas are ready!

Post wedding break down happens with project managers on hand to ensure all break down protocols are followed and collections happen on time. They are responsible for handing over the venue to the venue management.

On your wedding day our capable, trained and enthusiastic wedding coordinating team will be on hand to guide and assist you, your guests and service providers.

Services on the day of the wedding include, but not limited to coordinating bridal party activities, greeting all suppliers and assisting in orientating them around the venue, working closely with an MC, venue management and caterer. Leasing between caterer, function manager, photographer and cinema throughout the day to ensure that the timing of services is observed.

Performing final checks in every area before arrival of the guests, being on hand to assist guests and ensuring that the flow of the even happens seamlessly throughout the day.

The team will guide the couple through the day and will be on stand by for all wedding related emergencies. Your wedding team will handle any crisis and manage all activities on your behalf so you can enjoy every moment of your special day.

Splendid Wedding Company is well known and respected for the personal experience and exceptional wedding designs.

I use my clients and their story as an inspiration and we create bespoke weddings that are beautiful, luxurious and become the talk of town for years to come.
Individual approach to every couple
I take on a limited number of weddings to dedicate time to your wedding in order to achieve the best results. This makes me approachable and availble
14 years of experience
Solid reputation and vast experience ensures flawless results and gives an opportunity to provide my couples with benefits from our creative partners
I organise weddings on a turnkey basis
I am responsible for the whole process of wedding planning starting from the selection of the wedding venue and ending with the farewell of the last guest. I am there every step of the way
A unique conception for every wedding
I don't offer a mediocre average wedding, I respect your wishes and plan a wedding especially for you. I will share exciting trends, and strive to elevate your event
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