Dedicated to the art of meaningful celebrations, to finding inspiration from across the globe and bringing dreams into reality . From concept to creation, it is all about the SPLENDID experience.

I thrive on creating unforgettable luxury experiences. I believe that the union between travel and celebration is an art form, where wealth of experience meets magic, it's one I have spent years perfecting – adding a fresh, intuitive, inspiring and always unexpected touch to everything I do.

My wedding collection is made up of passionate world travellers, professionals, businessmen and celebrities who enjoyed the combination of refined European style with my passion for Africa, brining unparalleled creativity, bespoke service, an innate style and unmistakable excellence at every level.


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Weddings, private events and corporate functions
Let's dream of a places far far away...
Imagining, creating and producing weddings gives me the chance to live a fulfilling life and be surrounded with beauty and joy.

I love traveling and discovering the world's hidden wonders. There isn't simply anything more exciting than traveling to make new experiences and memories that will last forever.

A destination wedding is an incredible way to write a chapter in your life and I am here to help you make this dream come true.

– Eve
Wherever you go.
Go with all of your heart.
Evegenia Poplett is a highly sought-after wedding planner with fifteen years of experience because of her passion for producing memorable weddings with sanity, sophisticated style and an emphasis on creating an unforgettable atmosphere through the use of an immersive wedding experience enticing all senses.

Her career as a wedding planner started in 2007 when she founded one of the first wedding planning agencies in South Africa, which became the top 10 in the country. Her profession allowed her to travel and work with the world's top wedding professionals where she has gained further valuable experience on a global scale.

Understanding the importance of details and her ability to see the bigger picture allows Evegenia to consistently surprise her clients and lead them towards a seamless and highly enjoyable wedding day be it in the middle of African bush, a gorgeous beach location, a swanky hotel, private residence or any other unique location somewhere in this wide world.
Wedding planning in South Africa and neighbouring countries, Zambia, Kenya, Morocco, Mauritius , Dubai, Moscow and anywhere else!
as your personal
(I DO)
Looking after your interests

Every wedding will have many people involved and every single professional, supplier and involved individual will have their own focus, point of reference and experience. All these can be extremely overwhelming. With my wealth of experience and knowledge organising your wedding will become a pleasant conversation for you to enjoy.

I know how to plan, organise and execute a wedding. You are welcome to schedule a consultation and I will take you through the process and answer your questions.
Dreamy Destinations
South Africa
Island Wedding
Explore South Africa for Destination Weddings where Adventure meets Luxury

South Africa offers an exciting destination for your wedding from breathtaking bush adventures, idyllic vineyards, mountains and picturesque beaches - you will be spoilt for choice!

South Africa offers unique settings and boasts the world's most talented wedding professionals ready to make your wedding dream a reality.

You and your guests will be spoilt by incredible natural beauty, and you will fall in love with friendly people who will love showcasing the true African spirit. With such diverse beauty, it's sometimes difficult to believe that it's all one country.
Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, Morocco offer stunning location for your ultimate wedding adventure.
There are places in Africa that will take your breath away - majestic waterfalls, mysterious desserts, white sand beaches and vast savannah grasslands.

When planning an ultimate Africa experience, you need a trusted partner who knows how to communicate and bridge the cultural gap and if you embrace the idea of an African destination wedding, you will have tales to tell until the end of times.
Mauritius, Zanzibar and Madagascar Wedding
Do pearly white beaches, rustling palm trees and the waves of an azure blue ocean also play a role in your dream wedding? It can happen!

Give each other the wedding vows barefoot on the warm beach on one of the beautiful tropical island, surrounded by some of your closest friends and family - an idyllic start to your marriage!
Unparallel Luxury
Dubai is an excellent destination for your wedding because it has a wide range of unique things to offer you and your wedding guests who are joining you from around the world. The city has impressive structures and incredible coastlines which provide magnificent backdrops for wedding pictures.

Destination weddings in Dubai range from small intimate wedding ceremonies of around 10 people to large multi-day wedding ceremonies for hundreds or even thousands of guests, such as Indian weddings.

Wedding Planning Services
  • Consult on hosting your wedding on the African content, or any other location
  • Assisting with finding an ideal location for your wedding
  • Tenting (if necessary)
  • Helping you selecting the best wedding professionals
  • Providing you with costing for your destination wedding
  • Drafting and managing your wedding budget
  • Etiquette
  • Design, decor and florals - handling all creative aspects of the wedding
  • Guest list management
  • Selection and coordination of activities around invitations and all printed material
  • Gifting - welcome gifts, surprise gifts, favours and evening turndowns
  • Script writing for entertainment program
  • Ceremony planning
  • Arrange outdoor and indoor ceremonies
  • Creating the wedding flow at the venue (suitable arrangement of the stage and the ceremony area, welcome and lounge zones, banquet tables, activities and zones for technical equipment), ordering performing artists and providing them with everything from the technical and common rider
  • Compiling detailed floor plans and brief documents for all suppliers
  • Overseeing technical tasks to all business partners, performing artists and staff
  • Lighting, staging and sound
  • Assisting with arranging the guests' transfer and accommodation
  • Planning the wedding day timing
  • Planning and discussing the menu
  • Planning of the wine pairing and drinks selection
  • On-Site Event Supervision during build up, wedding day and break down
Wedding Design Services
I craft one of a kind atmospheres using floral, decor, lighting, scent and texture. I listen carefully to your inspiration, understanding your events needs and elevating the location you fell in love with. From concept to creation, I produce and provide all the parts necessary to bring your vision to life. Design is always intentional and in
tune with the character of the location and your person style.

  • Developing creative proposal for your wedding
  • Creating visual representation of all your areas
  • Designing your ceremony
  • Conceptualising arrival area
  • Creating cocktail hour set up
  • Styling of furniture
  • Reception design
  • Main table design
  • Staging design
  • Floor plan for all areas
  • Selection of colour palette
  • Selection of floral palette
  • Preparing your wedding styling budget
  • Sourcing all decorative elements
  • Working with lighting specialist
  • Working with manufacturing contractors for custom made orders
  • Working with production team of suppliers to make concept a reality
  • Directing all creative partners to ensure the vision is brought to life
  • Ensuring quality control
  • Creating call sheets for all professionals
  • Working out logistical aspect of the wedding production
  • Directing production of the wedding
  • Overseeing the set up of the wedding
  • Creative direction
I am well known and respected for the personal experience and exceptional wedding designs I create.

I use my clients and their story as an inspiration and we create bespoke weddings that are beautiful, luxurious and become the talk of the town for years to come.

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Africa, and the world
I am well traveled and have visited and worked in exciting destinations around the world.

Born in Russia, I grew up in Africa. I have travel and worked in South Africa, Botswana, Uganda, DRC, Zambia and Uganda.

I love discovering new and exciting locations for wedding celebrations.
Passion and Style
Working together we can combine passion with efficiency, personality with originality, dreams with detail and perfection with celebration.

Planning an event from beginning to end should not be just a checklist, but a journey which you enjoy every step of the way.
I organise weddings on a turnkey basis
I am responsible for the whole process of wedding planning starting from the selection of the wedding venue and ending with the farewell of the last guest.

I am there every step of the way.
I have planned Christian, Traditional, Greek, Italian, Jewish and Muslim weddings and I loved learning the different ways cultures celebrate love and marriage.

Individual approach to every couple
I take on a limited number of weddings to dedicate time to yours in order to achieve the best results. This makes me approachable and available.

I have worked with couples from across the world - Russia, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, Rwanda, DRC, UAE and South Africa.
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Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa | Moscow, Russia
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