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Janna and Andrew’s Amazing Wedding at Ground

Janna and Andrew’s Amazing Wedding at Ground

One year ago today, on 14 October 2018, we were having the most amazing time celebrating Mrs and Mr Robinson! One thing you need to know about Janna, she sparks contagious smiles every time! She just has this beautiful aura of sheer happiness around her. Andrew… fun, vivacious, life of a party and clearly totally smitten by his beautiful bride.

Janna is a well known, loved and very respected make up artist in South Africa. We have worked on a number of weddings together in the past and it was such an honour to have been asked to plan Janna and Andrew’s wedding. We had six months and it was such a special time. Wedding planning is a very personal experience where we get to know the couple well so we can bring out what is important and special to them.

The week leading up to the wedding suddenly got stressful. It rained and rained, and then rained some more and B and C plans had to be implimmented. On the morning of their wedding, the rain as so heavy that you couldn’t see a meter in front you. The Chuppa was starting at mid-day and at about 11 o’clock, as Andrew and his groomsmen arrived at Ground, the clouds parted and sun shone so brightly! And from that moment on, everything about this wedding was magical and joyous. The b’dekken, the Chuppa, the Horas – all of it was just extra awesome! The rain made everything sparkle, fresh and new and we really did have the most perfect day.

The Horas have to be the best part of the Jewish wedding. When this couple ran into the reception hall and the dancing began the energy is palpable! This momentum continued well into the night with feasting, singing, dancing and more feasting.

Janna chose vibrant, bright and bold colours for her wedding. We used purples, reds, greens and yellow (Janna’s favourite colour) in various florals such as hydrangea, roses, tulips, orchids, banksias, snaps and glads. The main table was an eye-catching floral masterpiece framing the couple. Hardwood tables were decorated with eclectic vases and lush floral runners in combination of vivid colours. The food stations were decorated with stunning florals and added that extra feasting element to stunning food created by Catering by Riva.

Wish we could go back and time and re-live this day all over again!

Wedding Planner: Eve Poplett, Splendid Wedding Company

Event Designer and Producer: Eve Poplett, Splendid Wedding Company

Photographer: Alexander Smith Photography

Kosher Catering: Catering by Riva

Venue: Ground