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Etherial Wedding at Red Ivory

Etherial Wedding at Red Ivory

There is no finer, nor more joyous celebration than that of a Greek-American Wedding in South Africa. Lorynn and Kimon made for the perfect well-travelled and adventurous couple, with their design choices rooted in organic and boho trends.

The whole wedding was styled in neutral tones with pops of jewel-coloured accents. Hanging arches and whimsical wreaths, coupled with vases of overflowing wildflowers and an array of gypsy lanterns, made for a wedding quite like any other.

The abundant cake display, designed with nothing short of pure delectability, showed multiple tiers dripping with caramel and sumptuous fresh fruit. Playful American traditions flowed seamlessly into a high of Greek dancing that left everyone smiling all night long.


Wedding Planning, Design and Production: Splendid Wedding Company

Venue: Red Ivory

Photography: Tyme Photography

Video: Motion Craft Films