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Nicci and Ari’s Wedding at The Polo Room

Nicci and Ari’s Wedding at The Polo Room

When Nicci and Ari shared their vision for their wedding day, a whole chain reaction of amazing activity took place. It was a wonderful journey we took together. This couple had the most amazing inspiration from the beginning and it was the most amazing wedding we created for them. Thank you Nicci and Ari for your trust, thank you for most amazing three months and thank you for being so damn AWESOME!

Designing a different kind of a wedding is challenging but always exciting. Imagining 500 guests all feeling comfortable at a lounge styled wedding, took hours of floor space planning and look-book creation which was over 100 pages. Sourcing hand picked items that layered the overall look and making sense of the vision was every designer’s dream come true! So many elements and small details all came together and we are so proud of this wedding.

What makes for a GREAT wedding? It’s easy – incredible people coming together to celebrate. And celebrate we did! This wedding had so much atmosphere and the vibe… the food, the music and the dancing were phenomenal!

Sustainability was a major factor and almost every plant was replanted after the wedding. It’s lucky that out bride has truly amazing green fingers! We styled the wedding with bespoke and carefully curated furniture pieces, stylish tribal elements and striking features.


The Venue: The Polo Room

Photography: Lar Lar Photography

Video: Ambiant Films

Catering: Gary Friedman Catering