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Etherial Wedding at Red Ivory

[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF_GqtsSZDw[/embed] There is no finer, nor more joyous celebration than that of a Greek-American Wedding in South Africa. Lorynn and Kimon made for the perfect well-travelled and adventurous couple, with their design choices rooted in organic and boho trends. The whole wedding...

Mesmerising Wedding at Memoire

The wedding of Fortune and Gugulethu was a long awaited date for many, but especially for the Splendid Team, who having planned this wedding for eighteen months, could not wait to make this wedding dream come true. Our dearest Gugu...

Spectacular Wedding at Summer Place

Our beautiful Nigerian couple, Chloe and Shayo exchanged their vows in the perfectly manicured gardens of Summerplace in Sandton, while leafy greens cascaded from above and the guests looked on with teary-eyed smiles. The couple wanted their guests to experience their...

Splendid Wedding at The Rand Club

Tumi and Sappy , are what you can immediately recognise as a dynamite couple. They certainly took the Splendid Process by storm with their distinctive tenacity, love for the glamorous and brave design choices. We will always remember our wedding...

Stunning Flower Walls

A flower wall makes a statement feature and a perfect backdrop for the most amazing photos. You and your guests will love every photo taken against these lush beautiful flower walls. Contact us for breathtaking fresh flower walls.  ...

Welcome to the new site

Very excited about updating the website and starting the Splendid Blog again! It has been forever and having a brand new site is a great new opportunity to start sharing a wreath of knowledge I accumulated about weddings in the...



I am obsessed with weddings and I love sharing my passion for all things beautiful with the world.

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