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Twelve years ago, just after I made a life changing decision to become a wedding planner, I was at loss where to start. Then, I came across a wedding planning course. It happened in November 2007 and attending this course made a huge difference in my career path. I learnt necessary skills and obtained practical knowledge which are still beneficial to me today.

I have put together a Wedding Planning Course, along with Styling and Floral Workshop aimed at everyone who is seeking inspiration, new skills and new opportunities!

Wedding Planning Workshop 30 November 2019

Express yourself and learn exciting new skills

Wedding Planning workshop will focus on different services you can offer your clients and adapt to current economic client and build a resilient business model.

This workshop aimed at all levels and will be a safe space for wedding planners to share their challenges and learn from each other.

Wedding Planning Crash Course

Pricing and Packages

Proposals and Sales Process


Wedding Planning Workflow

Each participant will receive a wedding planning pack – wedding planning guide, forms, templates, as well as a special gift from me.

This workshop provides safe space for everyone to learn, get inspired, network and get empowered in their business.

R4 500


Wedding Styling and Floral Workshop 4-5 December 2019

Learn how to create floral compositions

This workshop is aimed at lovers of flowers, those who already have some experience in events, and even experienced florists who wish to grow further in the field of floral design.

During these two days you will be able to learn from skills I acquired over 12 years of working with flowers, ask your questions, share your roadblocks, and gain wisdom and direction in our intimate, interactive group experience ending the workshop with a creative day filled with inspiration.

This workshop is aimed at anyone who love creating beautiful settings and would be of a great benefit to wedding planners who wish to expand their knowledge and understand wedding styling component in-depth.

4 December 2019 – Creativity and Reality

On first day we will discuss the styling component of the wedding and current reality related to our venue spaces, budget matters, availability of design materials and stresses involved in creating a beautiful wedding.

We will discuss the impact social media has on our creativity and I will share my strategies when discussing styling with my clients.

I will be sharing my creative concept from initial contact with a potential couple to execution of their wedding:

  • Splendid Wedding Design Philosophy
  • Moodboard, design files and look books – what’s the difference?
  • Floor Plan – why is it so important
  • Table top styling – my tips and tricks
  • Logistics behind a beautiful wedding – how to plan your set ups

5 December 2019 –All things BEAUTIFUL!

Creators need to CREATE. We can talk about design principles until we are blue in the face, but until we actually get our hands messy and experiment we can’t fully comprehend the power of our creativity.

There will be flowers… LOADS of flowers for you to get your creative juices flow! There will be beautiful design elements which you can incorporate and you will be able to create styled looks and walk away with beautiful  portfolio images.

Focus on mechanics and design techniques behind a bridal hanging installation.

Each participant will receive a wedding styling pack – wedding styling guide, forms, templates, as well as a special gift from me.

R8 500


Designing and Planning Private Lessons

Creating one beautiful arrangement and then creating one beautiful wedding are two different things

Private lessons are a great way to learn a specific skill.

If you are a budding florists and new to the industry, private lessons are a great way to get help when preparing for an upcoming job. I am able to assist you with your floral recipes, planning logistical aspects and help with planning your set up.

Private lessons are ideal for a bride who wants to do her own flowers and decor. I will help adapting the vision to the budget. Assist with styling of the wedding and teach floral skills required.

Minimum of three hours per session.

R1 500 per hour plus materials if required

Wedding Planning Mentor Session

Get support and advice

From Beginners to Professional and even Industry Creatives in other fields wanting to get into the right client market.

Mentor Sessions are designed around what you want to learn. Email me with what you would find educational and we will set the date to cover topics of interest.

Half Day Session R4 500

Full Day Session R9 000