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I am often asked where do I get my inspiration from? I often try to understand it myself… that “AHA” moment, that moment when a vision flashes through my mind and I have an innate drive inside of me to create that snapshot and make it REAL

Design and styling is driven by creativity. For me, creativity is about using all that is known and arranging it in a fun, new and exciting ways.

I can share with you that in order for me to be in that creative moment, I have to be completely free… Free of thoughts, obligations and mundane responsibility

I need to go off the grid and become focused only on my creative thoughts. Sometimes, that means playing my inspirational playlist whilst sitting at a coffee shop and staring inwards, searching for that spark. Other times, it means sitting on my patio with my iPad and sketching ideas over and over again. And sometimes, I just sleep.

I carry a notepad, everywhere. I write down thoughts, sketch and doodle – it is messy! And I cannot imagine my life without it.

I also believe that inspiration is an exchange of energy between an artist and those commissioning our art. The more open the flow of energy, the easier that spark is ignited.

How do you get inspired?

Eve Poplett


January 30, 2017